Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Google Analytics in 30 days - Chapter 2: Step by Step to the Perfect Account

Analyticspro.mini has posted Chapter 2 of Google Analytics in 30 days which can be found HERE on the Google Analytics help forum.

This Chapter covers linking your Adwords account to your Analytics account,
How to use the new functionality of linking more than one Adwords account to a single Analytics account and
it answers that ever burning question of why Adwords figures so often differ from the figures you see in Analytics.

Don't forget there is also going to be a surprise gift for the most active contributor throughout the series.
I hope you'll join us!


Google Analytics in 30 days - Chapter 1

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

On the GA Help Forum - Google Analytics in 30 days

I just saw an excellent post over on the Google Analytics Help Forum by Analyticspro.mini...

Google Analytics in 30 days:
The article series will comprise of four main sections.
1. In the first article, and also in our introduction, I will explain the significance of Google Analytics for businesses, how you can create an Analytics account and then install the Analytics code for your site. 
2. In the second article, will focus on linking your Analytics account to your AdWords account, the creation of goals and conversion funnels in Analytics and also in defining certain important metrics. 
3. In the third article, I will share some important tips for optimizing your AdWords account by using the Analytics data. 
4. In the fourth and final article, I will discuss more advanced features such as Multi-Channel Conversion Funnels, filters and E-commerce. 
In this final article, we will also announce the names of the three users who have made the biggest contribution to this article series, as well as what their surprise prize will be. So all you Analytics users out there- Get busy!
So, if you are a complete noob or have dipped your toes in but would like to get a better understanding of Google Analytics and also how it integrates with Adwords and some of the more advanced features, I suggest you mosey on over to the help forum for a peek!
Google Analytics in 30 days

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Installing Google Analytics on a Free Weebly.com Web Site

Installing Google Analytics to a free weebly.com account is pretty painless and straightforward. I'm using an instance of a site that I have already created and published specifically for the purpose of this tutorial.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Google Analytics Exclude Visit Cookie for Blogger

One of the questions that frequently comes up on the GA Help Forum is how to create a blocking cookie to exclude your own visits from being counted when tracking a Blogger (blogspot) blog.

The problem that arises is due to blogger using a template that applies the ga tracking code universally to all pages/posts across the blog and unlike a website, and to the best of my knowledge you cant easily create a standalone page with its own completely separate code in the <head></head> section of the single page.

There is however a somewhat 'crude' yet effective work around.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Configuring Google Analytics for Google Docs

Google Analytics for Google Docs is an ongoing gripe for me.

Apart from the huge lack of clear documentation regarding setup and configuration, at best it seems to work sporadically; at worst, it simply doesn't work.

I have managed to set it up and get it working but not consistently, so if you choose to pursue this and you find it buggy, please do not 'blame' me as there are a host of complaints on both the Google Analytics Help Forum and the Google Docs Help Forum about how much this feature leaves to be desired in relation to it working (or not).

There are three steps to the setup, if you feel comfortable doing so, simply skip to the step that you are wanting to review.

  1. Create a new Google Analytics account for tracking Google Docs
  2. Google Docs settings and prep of document for tracking
  3. Finish setting up your Google Analytics tracking profile

Press onwards ...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How to install Google Analytics on Blogger

There seems to often be confusion as to how to install Google Analytics to Blogger (blogspot) blogs

Last I looked there were instructions for installing the Traditional version of the tracking code into a widget, or for installing the Traditional version of the GA tracking code before the closing </body> tag, however none seemed to really address in detail how to install the current Asynchronous version of code in a simple to understand way for new users.

Whilst the Async version of Google Analytics tracking code can be installed before the closing </body> tag, often other script within the blog layout can interfere with it working correctly. The same applies to placing the Async tracking code into blogger widgets.

So, lets get started ...

Monday, January 24, 2011

How to install Google Analytics to Tumblr

This is something that comes up often on the Google Analytics Help Forum

Unfortunately the Tumblr help docs for installing Google Analytics are showing a somewhat very out of date version of tracking code (note the image that appears to show part of the 'old' urchin.js - meaning the help doc hasn't been updated for a while!) ... and Tumblr.com for some reason doesn't seem to like the current asynchronous version of the GA code, which got me thinking on how to go about it ...

At this point in time, my suggested method seems to work without problem